sea cave, Steve Hillebrand

sea cave, Steve Hildebrand

If you will be working in our learning group, you will have an orientation counseling period to include issues regarding the building and maintenance of trust, our conduct agreement, and the importance of keeping the information and experiences we share confidential.

To embark on any new learning endeavor is a great joy and a responsibility. It behooves us to take a moment to stop, look around, and take our bearings.  Where are we?  How did we get here and why?  Why do we want to pursue this course of learning?

This course will not provide you with all of the answers to the mysteries of life.  It will not turn you into a priest or priestess, or confer upon you special authority.  You already have that, which no one can give you, nor can they take it from you.  You will choose what you will be, and what you do with this information.  If you find yourself going through the lessons, checking off the exercises like a tidy list, you have missed the point.  This system is a guide for you, but it is not the key to the universe.  It is intended to point you in directions, open doors to new ideas, and challenge you to rethink what you know.  It is intended to support you in growing your skills and learning new ones by providing a structure, and some resources that you will eventually outgrow and no longer need to depend upon.  They are a root system, to give you a foundation.  Most importantly, the application of your learning can help you grow as a human being while you grow as a magical person.

I hope that I have made the learning system to work like our beautiful world.  All things in our universe happen in their time, and when they are supposed to.  A big tree doesn’t appear on the field in a second.  A seed must fall, and the soil it falls onto must be ready to receive it.  The right food and light and water must nurture it.  Then, it will send out a green shoot and progress as trees have always progressed.  This is the nature of our magic; it is patterned after our world.  However, we also know that the order of our wild world can be hard to understand.  A bird can steal the seed and carry it to unexpected places. Conditions can change that put the known order all out of place, or so it will feel.  That’s why we call it the Wild Magic.  It seems as predictable as every sunrise, but delights (or vexes) us like a storm we didn’t plan for.  Be ready for that.   Be okay with that.  Some days you’re going to be right on the path, headed for the horizon.  Some days, you might be stuck in a cave somewhere with no idea what’s in there with you or what you ought to be doing about it.  If you find this happening, you’re doing it right!



….Now, on to some orientation content.  I’m working larmoonlit_night_1 garrisonphoto.orggely with a Celtic cultural framework.  Since you will be confronting the angels and demons of “ethics” in daily life and in your practice, I thought we might start with the Celtic Virtues.  Here are a few links to explore.  Check them out.  Which of the virtues resonate with you?  Why?  What do they mean to you and in what way, if any, do you feel you could improve upon your way of being, to live more closely with these values? Perhaps you have your own code of ethics…..how does it compare to these?  Journal your responses.






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