When you’re afraid.

If you’re a non traditional religious person, whether cunning folk, witch, assorted pagan, nature spiritual, etc, who do you call upon when you’re afraid?  Mainstream religions have their God to pray to.  I’m not saying that non traditionals are not also another faith too or don’t have gods to reach out to.  For example, many of us are just very diverse Christians or something else.  Where do you draw your comfort?  I find the holy in our natural world, but it’s a different sort of holiness.  Not very pastoral, just constant and unwavering which is a virtue too in its way.  It’s not going to pray with me, but it will hold me in a different way I guess.

I’m sitting in a waiting room with a lot of unknowns and no one I really feel I can pray to.  I call upon the power in the land which is also in our bodies, to strengthen me- but truth be told, it’s not helping much.  So here it is, very real, and it turns out I’m not immune to fear.

Outside is the golden display of Autumn, constant and unwavering, and that’s worth something.  It’s worth everything . untitled


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