Blood moon

This is what it looked like when I finally saw it last night.  This was what it looked like when coming out of the earth’s shadow.  Of course, Michigan was being a jerk and was cloudy for the rest of the event but I got to see the last leg of the eclipse and it was beautiful.  This was not from my camera.  I have a camera phone and while it is good, it isn’t good enough to do this!  Anyway, it made me feel small and full of wonder.  I’ve seen the moon a lot of times (of course….).  And I understand all about what an eclipse is and why and whatever, but it made me feel somehow united with history or all of the people who have seen this before. Maybe a long time ago, they were afraid of it because they did not understand, and I can appreciate how that must have been.  Just because we understand it now doesn’t make it any less of a mystery or any less magical.  Now and then the world does something different, even if we expect it, and I think it’s an opportunity to stop and look and be amazed, and put down our smart phones.  Unless, of course, we’re trying to take a photo.  🙂  Honestly, though, things in nature can remind us about the patterns of our lives.  What comes into your life bright and shining, and then gets overtaken by darkness, whether illness, stress, being busy, forgetting, loss of enthusiasm?  If we follow the earth’s lessons, we know that bright and shining “thing” does come back out from behind the shadow, and if it’s a hazy, dark, or scary place in between, that’s all right.  The shadow won’t be staying for long.




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