Meeting the Spirits of Nature

This is an excellent discussion on building relationships with the spirit of place.

Gwydion Blackrose

Faery in and as a WaterfallIf we want to use our powers in order to help the spirits of nature (and humanity) to come back into a state of balance we need to form alliances with these spirits first. Too often do we assume to know what nature “needs” without actually checking in with her and her spirits. Even if we have human science to back up our opinion it always makes sense to make this one additional step. After all science can and has failed us more than once. It evolves, its understanding of the Laws of Nature deepens – but the Laws of Nature themselves don’t change. They are eternal as long as this Universe isn’t recycled first. I don’t see happening soon. Therefore better to check in with those guys (Faeries, Land spirits, Gods of Nature, Mother Earth) who know themselves before messing things up even more.

But how exactly?

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