Welcome friends….

Whether this is your first visit. or you have been here many times, I am glad you have come.  This site is a touch point for those who are learning about the magic of the wild green earth, the depth of the sea and the airy heights of sky.  This contains lessons for those learners, and reflections to enhance their personal study time.  It is a place where questions and discussion are welcome, as are other points of view.  While our primary cultural framework is Celtic in nature, we are all global citizens now, and diversity adds richness to our lives.

Whether you are learning with me, or just visiting, I hope you will find value in these pages.  Now in the spirit of welcome, I offer you this blessing, inspired by the nine waves blessing for newborn babies in Ireland, and others of its kind found in the Carmina Gadelica.

A blessing upon your health

A blessing upon your peace of mind

A blessing upon your seeking spirit

A blessing upon your livelihood

A blessing upon your beloved ones

A blessing upon your laughter and tears

A blessing upon your wandering path

A blessing upon your hearth and home

A blessing upon the fire in your soul….

Nine waves of blessing be yours, dear friend- safe roads, fair winds, and calm seas.

Mackinac 2011 054


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